Kidder - Richmond Lifestyle Photographer

Kidder reached out to me a few weeks ago asking to do some head shots for her new brand, and I was immediately sold on working with her!  I met Kidder a while back when I discovered that she lived in the same loft as me on Main St. for years before I moved in.  Having lived in Lynchburg for so long, Kidder became familiar with a ton of other local creative's work, and has been choosing her favorite artists to help her with her rebrand, including our other mutual friends Chelsea and Tucker Francis who just finished her logo.  When she described her work to me as romantic, classic, and minimal, I knew this would be the perfect chance to go explore Maymont Mansion in Richmond to get a few shots for her new site, which launches October 8th.  Kidder has invested so much of herself into her brand as one of Richmond's best lifestyle and portrait photographers, and I'm so excited to share a piece of what her energetic, sweet, and caring personality will bring to the new Kidder Connell Photography